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Related Services

Related Services are services that the child needs to be able to function in school and/or in the community, as appropriately as possible.



The need for related services such as counseling, orientation and mobility services should be mentioned and documented in the Evaluation Report (ER). The Evaluation report should have input from teachers, parents and other providers of services to the student. The ER should state related services that are needed for the child to benefit from the special education program.

Related Services

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The parent may also request an evaluation


The parent should: 



  • Put the request in writing. 



  • Date the request. 



  • The original should be sent to the principle of the school were the child attends.  



  • Copies should be sent to the Regional Lead for Special Education Services at the Regional Office that supervises the school that your child attends. 



  • Keep a copy of the request for your records. 



  • Or, the parent may have an independent psychologist evaluate the child and make recommendations for related services. They should state why the services are needed for the child to benefit from a special education program.  




If the need for related services are established in the ER and or evaluations, that need should be stated on the needs section of the IEP and on the Related Services section of the IEP




  • The type of related services the child needs. 



  • How often the child will receive the related services and how long each related service session will be. 




  • The location where the child will receive the related services, and the goal of the related services

Example: James will receive Occupational Therapy for 45 min. 2 times a week in the classroom to enhance his fine motor skills.

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