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Virtual learning and your story / Aprendizaje virtual y tu historia

Share your virtual learning experience during COVID and beyond. You can tell us your experience from the beginning, during, and now. Feel free to share with us and others your point of view.

Comparta su experiencia de aprendizaje

virtual durante COVID y más allá. Puedes contarnos tu experiencia desde el principio, durante y ahora. Siéntase libre de compartir con nosotros y otros su punto de vista.

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I have found it both beneficial and difficult. My child has a hard time sitting for so long an focusing on what needs to be done so it's been difficult for me to juggle both helping with school and redirecting my child back to the virtual class, along being able to fully focus on my job. I feel like it has been beneficial because I am able to speak with my child's teacher and know how my child is doing, and also what my child's progress has been. It has been a learning experience for both of us. I hope that once they start the hybrid schedule there will be more of a sense of normalcy for both of us.…

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