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Independent Evaluation

  • An Independent Evaluation is an evaluation done by a qualified person who is not employee of the school district.



  • Parent may request an Independent evaluation if they disagree with the school district evaluation.



  • The school district must pay for an independent Evaluation or request a due process hearing to show that its evaluation is appropriate.



  • A parent may also have a child evaluated by an independent professional at their expense.



  • The IEP team must consider the recommendations of an independent evaluation when designing a program for the child, as long as the evaluation meets the same requirements as the school district evaluation. 


  • An Independent Evaluation may be used as evidence at a due process hearing.

In order to request an Independent Evaluation the School District must have conducted an Evaluation and you DISAGREE with their findings/evaluation.



Put your request in writing, (click here for sample letter) send original to the Principal of the School where your child attends, and send a copy to the Regional Special Education Director and/or Case Manager, and to your Advocate and/or Lawyer

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