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HYP (HUNE's Youth Program)

When the tough gets going, the tough get HYP

HYP - HUNE’s Youth Program is community-based and provides an after-school and summer  inclusion program focuses on increasing graduation rates and decreasing drop out rates. 


HYP empowers youth with and without disabilities from 14-22 years of age through academic, transition, social, behavioral, and other skills building.  ​


HUNE also promotes family engagement as an evidence-based practice, as parents and families are part of the planning team.  HUNE works with the families of the youth through our monthly parent meetings and networking with school entities.


HYP's foster collaborative relationships with students’ principals, teachers, and special education professionals within charter schools and the School District of Philadelphia.

HUNE has developed through partnership with BSE and PaTTAN,  community and culturally responsive


mentoring materials and resources: 

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