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Evaluation Process

A Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation (MDE) is conducted to determine if a child has a disability and needs a special education program and/or related services.


If you feel that your child is in need of special education services and/or related services you should:





  •  Make sure you put the date on your request



  •  Keep a copy for your archives



Once you put your request in writing the school district has 60 calendar days to evaluate the child and provide a copy of the evaluation to the parent.  They must have the Permission to Evaluate form readily available for you when you request it in writing.  If the request is done verbally the school district has 10 days to provide the parent with a Permission to Evaluate Form, and the 60 calendar day timeline commences at that point.  The only exception to the 60 calendar day timeline is during the summer break (§14.123).

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