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COVID Compensatory Services (CCS)


COVID -19 Compensatory Services (CCS) is determined by the IEP team.  The IEP team determines CCS on the student’s skill, behavior loss and/or lack of progress due to the Local Education Agency not providing Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) during the pandemic.  CCS should be determined once school resumes and the student is given time to recoup some of the academic or behavior skills lost and/or lack of progress.  

According to the PA Department of Education guidance, the timelines are:

  • “As soon as appropriate, but no later than the first two weeks of resuming normal operations, the LEA should:

    • Gather baseline data on each student’s current educational levels; and

    • Compare above baseline data to 2019-20 school year pre-COVID 19 progress monitoring data for each student to determine if there is a regression in skills and/or behavior patterns and/or a lack of progress.

  • No later than the end of the third month of school resuming normal operations, the IEP team should review the progress of any student who regressed during the pandemic and who received services since the start of the school year using multiple data sources.  Using this data, the IEP team should determine if the student progressed and/or how much the student was able to recuperate some of the lost skills.  If student continues to show loss of academic and/or behavior skills and/or lack of progress due to the pandemic the IEP should decide if and how much CCS the student will need.”

For more information on CCS guidance, go to:

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