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Parent Education Navigator

  • Role and Responsibilities:

The PEN at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children (SCHC) provides essential support to parents seeking free
appropriate public education for their children. Responsibilities include:

- Offering technical assistance and non-biased advice.
- Assisting with letter writing and documentation.
- Attending meetings and following individual cases.
- Keeping up-to-date on Special Education trends.
- Conducting intakes, maintaining databases, and office management.
- Collaborating with stakeholders.
- Disseminating project information and outreach activities.
- Documenting client information and contacts.
- Participating in evaluation activities.
- Conducting and attending outreach events.
- Ensuring confidentiality.
- Adhering to schedules and professional standards.
- Handling conflicts professionally.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:
- Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish.
- Strong interpersonal skills.
- Self-starter with a willingness to learn.
- Proficient in Microsoft Office.
- Minimum of a High School degree.
- Experience in training or related field.
- Demonstrated writing skills.
- Record-keeping and data collection abilities.

  • Salary:

$18-$20/hour based on experience

  • Desired Qualifications:

- Parents of children with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
- Effective communication skills.
- Knowledge of special education laws and community resources.
- Minimum of an Associate’s Degree.
- Experience in community/human/social services, especially within the Latino community.
- Established connections with community service agencies.

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