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Filing a DOCC (Division of Compliance Complaint Report)

You may file a Division of Compliance Compliant Report if your child’s special education rights have been violated, for any of the following:



  • You requested an evaluation/re-evaluation and the 60 calendar day timeline has expired and your child has not been evaluated, or you have not received a copy of the Evaluation Report (ER); 

  • The IEP is not being fully implemented; 


  • You requested a Due Process Hearing and the School District has ignored your request; 


  • And, for any other violation of the federal law and/or Pennsylvania State Special Education regulations.



Click here for the official DOCC form (, remember to:


  • Make sure you put the date on your complaint 



  • Keep a copy for your archives



Once you file a DOCC a Complaint Investigation Report must be issued within 60 days of the date of your letter. If the DOCC finds that your complaint is valid, the office will write a Corrective Action Plan which the school district must follow.

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