HUNE Info during COVID-19 Quarantine

Dear Families, Youth and Colleagues,

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, HUNE continues to provide services to families of children and youth with disabilities, youth with disabilities and professionals, but a little differently.  All programs will be provided virtually until futhur notice.  


Click here for resources and information on COVID-19, but you can click here for a list of educational and recreational resources on what you can do in the interim with your child at home.  We will continue to update this and if you find any resources that are helpful to the educational needs of children and youth that families can benefit please send them to and we will review and if appropriate list it on this resource page.  Remember: “It takes a village to raise a child”.


You can call still call HUNE at 215-425-6203, but if you’d like to email staff please see below:

The Advising Program: Beth Lopez:

The Training and Hispanic Outreach Program: Lisbeth Little:

The HYP (Youth Program) Department: Cassidy Colgan: 


Families to the MAX: William DelToro: 215-595-5866 or 


For other questions or concerns please contact 


HUNE hours:

8:00 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday and

8:00 am thru 2:00 pm on Fridays.

Conference calls and/ or phone calls in lieu of face to face meetings is available.  We want you to know that HUNE remains HERE for you in this time of great need.


Please continue to go to our FACEBOOK page for updates and upcoming online/virtual events.

Thank you for your collaboration.


Website disclaimer:


The information in this website is intended to be educational, and is not legal advice.  HUNE will maintain the information on this website and update it as needed. To verify the information on this website and its application to your individual circumstances, you may wish to contact us at 215-425-6203 or 


While HUNE tries to ensure that all resources and links on this site are up-to-date, we cannot be responsible for the content of other sites and does not endorse the resources, for it is for informational purposes only  If you are aware of any inaccurate information on this website or a link that has changed or been discontinued, please contact our Webmaster.


No materials published on the HUNE website may be commercialized in any manner without the expressed authorization of HUNE.  HUNE assumes no liability for the consequences of using the information on this website to advocate for yourself, your child or other children.


Descargo de responsabilidad del sitio web:


La información en este sitio web tiene el propósito de ser educativa, y no es un consejo legal. HUNE mantendrá la información en este sitio web y la actualizará según sea necesario. Para verificar la información en este sitio web y su aplicación a sus circunstancias individuales, puede contactarnos al 215-425-6203 o


HUNE intenta asegurarse de que todos los recursos y enlaces en este sitio estén actualizados, no podemos ser responsables por el contenido de otros sitios y no respalda los recursos, ya que es solo para fines informativos.  Si identifica cualquier información inexacta en este sitio web o un enlace que ha cambiado o ha sido descontinuado, comuníquese con nuestro Webmaster.


Ningún material publicado en el sitio web de HUNE puede ser comercializado de ninguna manera sin la autorización expresa de HUNE.  HUNE no asume ninguna responsabilidad por las consecuencias del uso de la información en este sitio web para abogar por usted mismo, sus niños u otros niños.

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