My name is Yovana Bustamante-Arroyo. I have worked with HUNE for almost eight

years; assisting parents with training and technical assistance. My duties at HUNE are

Bilingual Training Coordinator for Parents and Professionals; educating about the

problems facing our Hispanic parents with children with special needs; navigating the

special education system.

I am a Hispanic mom, I have three wonderful children and happily married. I am aware

of the cultural background of our clients in HUNE. I know the difficulties we face to

ensure that our children receive a free appropriate public education. My two oldest

children have persuasive developmental disorder (autism symptoms), and my baby

participates in Early intervention speech. This has forced me to become an advocate for

my children. And it has given me strength to be more knowledgeable about special

education programs, and this increased my desire to help other parents who sail in the

special education system.

Currently I attend Liberty University; my Career in Psychology and a minor in Autism. In

which I will continue to acquire more knowledge to help other families so that together

we can understand and be able to continue to educate our community about the

behavior of a child with autism.

They are special kids, for special parents...

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Bilingual Training Coordinator