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Hello I am Saydi Hidalgo. I am in college full time and I have been working for HUNE for a little over a year. I wanted to work at HUNE because my brother is special needs and I see how hard it is for some people to find the help they need and how great it is when they get it. I have been volunteering here for years, so I am happy to finally have the chance to work here. I first started as one of the Youth Program helpers during the summer then moved on to be the Bookkeeper and Website IT here part-time. I help make sure that all our expenses are accounted for and proven to be used for the business purposes, as well as give out reimbursements and putting in payments. I put up the new information for our website and add on new features as I learn more about what I can do on the website. I really want to help HUNE stay updated on the web so that we can continue to help people and be discovered to help others who ay need our services.