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Luz A. Hernandez- Executive Director of Philadelphia HUNE Inc.

Hi, my name is Luz Hernandez. I am both the Executive Director of Philadelphia HUNE, Inc. and a mother of three children; my eldest child -Andy- is diagnosed with Autism and multiple disabilities.  Thusly, I know first hand the amount of energy it takes to ensure that our children recieve a free appropriate public education.  

HUNE, was established in 1998, and I have been the Director since the commencement. HUNE's original board of directors and I are HUNE's founding fathers. At the time I established HUNE, I was an advocate for another organization and I saw the need for the Hispanic community to understand and advocate for their children's with special needs rights to a free appropriate public education. Thusly, we established HUNE, and requested and have recieved funds from the Federal Department of Education and other private foundations since 1998.

Through my experiences as a mother, an advocate and the Director of HUNE, I know that parents are the voice of our children.  It is our responsibility to ensure that our children get the same opportunities, whether or not they have a disability. We must strive to ensure that ALL our children - especially our children with disabilities - become active members of our society and reach their maximum potential!