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Hello my name is Julio Vega. I started as a volunteer in 2012 because I needed community service to graduate from high school. When I was finally done with my community service I asked Mrs. Luz Hernandez if I could stay as a volunteer and she accepted. During the year's I've learned vast amounts of knowledge from every staff members wing. In the summer of 2014 I participated as a volunteer in the summer program but left shortly before the summer program could end for another program that took place in Community College of Philadelphia. I studied in CCP during the fall while volunteering with Hune for the after school program. And now I'm a Hune staff member working with the Youth Program, I'm the Youth Program Youth Mentor working with the kid's and I love it! In honesty I want to make a better positive future for my kids to be in school and have a great career.

Youth Program Mentor