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Administrative Assistant

My name is Eve Cruz, I am the administrative assistant here at Philadelphia HUNE. My job duties are to

greet the families who come into the building and direct them to the appropriate person based on the

services they need, provide technical assistance via email and phone calls, keep track of office expenses

and supplies, work with any technical problems and or issues that need to be resolved within office, edit

and revise any organizational reporting and documents, amongst other things. I have been an employee

at HUNE for two years and counting, before becoming a staff member I was a volunteer at HUNE for

about 2 years. The reason I love to work here is because of the friendly environment amongst staff

members, as well as the family type of environment that we provide to our clients. Knowing that you

helped just one family get through their hardships by providing a much needed service is more than

satisfying. I am currently attending Community college of Philadelphia, in hopes to achieve a better

future for myself and my family, as well as being able to grow alongside this organization. I do believe

that the services provided here at HUNE are a much needed service not only in the community that we

serve but in the state as a whole.